Our goal is to educate female high school students by providing positive role models, demonstrating wise life choices, and empowering students to reach their goals.


The Executive Women's Alliance implemented the Women of Vision (WOV) Mentoring Program at the Conroe High School (CHS), Conroe, Texas in 2007. The emphasis of Women of Vision is to improve the self-esteem and self image of female high-school students through presentations, discussions and etiquette classes. Students gain exposure to a variety of educational and career opportunities, and learn to take responsibility for their own successes.

The program is designed to mentor a group of 50 students, ranging from 9th to 12th grade. Students are required to make and keep a commitment to monthly meetings and scheduled activities. Meetings are designed to educate mentees in the many post high school educational and career opportunities available. Plans and processes involved in potential opportunity are also presented. The four year program specifically targets students who have a desire to achieve but who need encouragement and professional assistance to realize their goals.

At minimum, one program per year is designed to guide our Women of Vision to use their time and talents to benefit others in our community.

Applications are available through the high school counseling office.



Priscella was a member of the first graduating class of WOV. Her family has always emphasized the value of an education, but neither of her parents went to college. Through her scholarship she was able to get her first year of Lone Star Community College under her belt. She was unable to afford her second year. Priscella got a job as teacher’s aide in special needs at Conroe High and started working with the new young ladies in WOV. When EWA unveiled their second year scholarship through Stacy’s Way in honor of Stacy Goertz, Priscella was the obvious choice. To the right is a photo of Priscella at the Executive Woman's Alliance mentorship banquet.

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